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Tipping Point £540
The director of the BNF £2,812
tipping point
In-kind donations range from drinks to office supplies. We even accept homemade cakes. See what else we need!
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25 hrs
In-kind donations range from drinks to office supplies. We even accept homemade cakes. See what else we need!

More about the project

What is the social/environmental problem/issue that this project will address?
Unlike monks, nuns receive no financial support in Bhutan. Many live in poverty without adequate sanitation and nutrition. The Bhutan Nuns' Foundation is the first organisation to help nuns. Currently there is no place in Bhutan for the nuns to network and find resources and training. Bhutan has been untouched by outsiders and remains steeped in traditional culture and Buddhism, which is the essence of the Bhutanese way of life. However with TV and Internet newly introduced in 2002, Bhutanese youths are experiencing pressures of a changing society.
Can you give us some statistics on this problem?
A few years ago it was difficult for women to find a nunnery. Now there are over 1000 nuns and 26 nunneries in a population of 700,000. Bhutan has one of the youngest populations in the world with 40% of the population under 18 years old and 60% of the population under 25 years old. With the appearance of TV, the youths are turning to gangs and drinking and losing the foundations of their culture famous for introducing GNH (Gross National Happiness).
What is your solution?
The BNF have made construction plans to build a training and resource centre on a piece of land they have already acquired so that nuns can be taught health, nutrition, receive education and spiritual guidance. Here they can also be trained to become 'Agents of Change'. This is a project where nuns will act as social workers, counsellors and give spiritual and life guidance to their communities. The UK has over 100 Buddhist organisations and this project hopes to link the UK and BNF to raise awareness about the Bhutanese culture, their communities and the plight of the nuns living in poverty.
How will you deliver this?
Once the funds have been raised, the director of the BNF and a nun will be invited to come to the UK to give talks about Bhutan, their culture and the nuns. Though the visits will be scheduled at Buddhist centres, the talks will be open to all. The aim will be to create a network of contacts interested in funding the project to build the centre as well as being a cultural exchange between UK and Bhutan.

Get involved

Here are some great ways to get involved with the project and help out. If you have...
  • 2 minutes
    Post this link or like this page on your Facebook and create your first contact with the Bhutan Nuns Foundation.
  • 5 minutes
    Catch a glimpse of the Bhutanese nuns’ way of life by watching their video on the following link;
  • 15 minutes
    Read about the Bhutan Nuns Foundation on their website and download their annual newsletter to read the progress of this new and much needed NGO.
  • 30 minutes
    Email a small summary about this project to some close friends or people who you think would be interested in Bhutan or supporting the Bhutan Nuns Foundation. Or talk to some friends about this organisation and their project.
  • A few hours
    Every little bit is a great big help! Organise a small event with close family and friends to help raise funds for this project.
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    Sign up to be friends of Bhutan Nuns Foundation on our website to see how you can volunteer.

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BNF 31 May 2013 - 11:43

Thank you to Hiroko Miyazawa, Hidemi Ohtsuka, Tamiko Yajima, Katsun Ito, Sarah Wear and GET Universal in Japan for their wonderful offline donations. It's wonderful to see that this project is in England and is supported by people around the world.

rob-pott 03 March 2013 - 08:51

I just donated a small sum to help realize your wonderful plan to raise awareness of the Bhutan Nuns difficult situation by bringing 2 members to the UK in July 2013.

I have known the project coordinator for 4 years and can vouch for her integrity, passion and commitment to helping those in need.

Best luck to this project and all involved!
Rob Pott, Japan

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The vision of BNF is to enhance Bhutanese society by empowering girls and women through education and economic self-sufficiency. Mission Statement: “The Bhutan Nuns Foundation is committed to ensuring that all Buddhist Nuns and other grassroots women have improved living conditions, quality education and self-reliance, thus enabling women’s successful participation in the socio-economic developments of Bhutan.“

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