Be yourSELF, free from HARM

by n-compass North West ltd

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In-kind donations range from drinks to office supplies. We even accept homemade cakes. See what else we need!
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In-kind donations range from drinks to office supplies. We even accept homemade cakes. See what else we need!

More about the project

What is the social/environmental problem/issue that this project will address?
Young people engage in self-harm as a coping mechanism to deal with underlying issues causing emotional distress eg bullying, abuse, bereavement, pressure at school/college, family problems. Self-harming behaviour includes any behaviour intended to deliberately harm oneself eg cutting, burning, scratching but also risk taking behaviour eg unprotected sex with a number of partners, deliberately getting into fights. Without support these young people face the risk of their issues, distress and self-harming behaviour escalating and are at risk of serious injury, accidental death, long term/serious mental health problems and even suicide.
Can you give us some statistics on this problem?
Self-harm is a huge national issue. The UK has one of the highest incidence rates of self-harm in Europe with 400 in every 100,000 people self-harming every year (NICE). The University of Leeds estimates between 10-15% of young people will self-harm during their adolescence. Over 24,000 are hospitalised as a result every year( However, due to the stigma/secrecy that can surround self-harming behaviour the actual figures could be much higher
What is your solution?
We offer 1-1/group support that empower young people (11-18) within North Lancashire to address the issues underlying their self-harming behaviour, explore alternative coping mechanisms and reduce isolation - • anonymous/one off emotional support, information and guidance via text, e-mail and drop-ins in schools/community settings • up to 18 sessions of 1-1 counselling • regular group workshops eg anger management, self-esteem/confidence, relaxation techniques • peer support groups for young people to meet each other and build new friendships
How will you deliver this?
We support young people to self-assess their distance travelled during their time with the project. We support young people to achieve and average • 91% reduction of self-harming behaviours • 95% reduction in thoughts of suicide • 71% improvement in emotional health & wellbeing In a recent exercise we did with young people who had used the project they said it also gave them • more confidence/self-esteem • more control over their emotions • more support/helped them to feel less alone • better family relationships • more happiness and positivity/less worry We accept referrals from any source, including self, friend/family, teacher, youth worker etc. We hold an initial meeting with the young person to understand their individual issues/self-harming behaviours and agree together the most appropriate forms of support for them within the project. We signpost/make referrals to other services to make sure all the young persons needs are met. When a young person exits the project we undertake a final meeting with them. All young people are encouraged to join our ‘Flame Teen Forum’ which provides them with an opportunity to provide feedback and get more involved in delivery.

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    Would you like to volunteer with our organisation? We’re always looking for a range of volunteers to help support our services. Visit our website, E-mail us at or call 01253 362140 for more information!

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About the organisation

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Who do we help?

The Butterfly & Phoenix Projects provide early intervention support to young people (aged 11 – 18) living in North Lancashire who are self-harming or engaging in self-destructive behaviour.

How do we deliver this?

We Listen We offer 1-1 counselling as a safe place where the young person can talk to their counsellor about anything that is upsetting them or causing them to hurt themself, addressing those issues and emotions and preventing them from getting worse. The counsellor will also help the young person to identify safer and healthier ways of coping with life and difficult emotions. “I was welcomed to the project and I felt like I finally had someone who wanted to listen and made me feel like they understood everything I was going through“ You’re Not Alone Many young people have also joined our groups: ● Workshops – based around different emotions or issues experienced by many young people such as stress, confidence, body image, relationships and anger ● Peer Support Drop-in – a fun, informal, friendly drop-in where you can meet other young people from the projects “I felt less isolated and alone after joining the group … my confidence has increased and I have made new friends who are really supportive”

Awards And Recognitions

Shortlisted in the Not-for-Profit category of the 2013 Red Rose Awards Shortlisted in the Not-for-Profit category of the 2012 Red Rose Awards The Phoenix Project was highly commended in the ‘Wellbeing For All’ category of the 2012 North West Public Heath Awards.