Stand with survivors of sex trafficking. Stand against exploitation.

by Living Lens

About the project


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In-kind donations range from drinks to office supplies. We even accept homemade cakes. See what else we need!
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In-kind donations range from drinks to office supplies. We even accept homemade cakes. See what else we need!

More about the project

What is the social/environmental problem/issue that this project will address?
“I was locked in the basement with my friend. We were only free to work, and when the boss was drunk he would rape me.” Survivor “They told me they would cut me into pieces and send me back like that. Every single day I heard the threat ‘I’ll kill you b****’.” Survivor Trafficking in women is a severe form of violence against women and a serious violation of human rights. Although reliable statistics are difficult to obtain, it is widely acknowledged that thousands of women are trafficked each year within and to the European Union. Women and girls who are trafficked suffer unspeakable acts of abuse, exploitation and degradation. The damage to women’s health and well-being is often profound and enduring. Yet, despite the global condemnation of the pain and injury caused by traffickers, relatively little action has been taken.. (Cathy Zimmerman, Stolen Smiles, 2006)
Can you give us some statistics on this problem?
The UN estimates there are between 700,000 and four million women and children who are trafficked every year. The uncertain figures reflect how hidden these women and children are in our societies.
What is your solution?
In India Sohini works with women who’ve been trafficked into forced prostitution. Using dance her work offers the women opportunities to reclaim their bodies, healing the past and transforming their lives. In the UK Rose works with women who’ve experienced the same brutal exploitation. Using video her work provides women opportunities to share their knowledge and experiences with audiences including policy makers and service providers to bring about positive social change. Project partners include the Metropolitan Police Service, the UK Borders Agency and the POPPY project.
How will you deliver this?
"When I dance, I feel a release from all that worries me. For me dance is an achievement. To know that audiences are watching and are captivated by what I am expressing is gratifying." Survivor, Kolkata Sanved Kolkata Sanved and Living Lens are coming together to develop a life changing project for survivors of traffficking. The aim of the project is to raise awareness of sex trafficking, to improve the lives of survivors in India, the UK and beyond, and to exchange knowledge and skills.

Get involved

Here are some great ways to get involved with the project and help out. If you have...
  • 2 minutes
    Visit our websites and find out what we do:
  • 5 minutes
    Help us get noticed - add a link from your facebook page to our Buzzbnk page, send a twitter link, or a link from your website.
  • 15 minutes
    Find out about the amazing survivors quilt that’s bringing survivors together:
  • 30 minutes
    Visit Anti-Slavery International’s website, find out about their work and support their campaigns.
  • A few hours
    Read Cathy Zimmerman's disturbing findings on the physical and psychological health consequences associated with sex trafficking: ‘Stolen Smiles’ -
  • Regular time commitment
    Donate to the POPPY project (money/clothes/essentials), an amazing organisation that provides frontline services to survivors of trafficking:

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Ben Losman 29 March 2011 - 08:05

Living Lens and Kolkata Sanved are two amazing organisations run by an incredible group of people. This collaboration is an important one and deserves major support.

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About the organisation

Vision and mission

To develop the voice and self-expression of young women in underserved and underrepresented communities.

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Our track record

GlobalGirl Media launched with great success and international support during the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa and Los Angeles and has since trained 90 reporters from bureaus in Los Angeles, California, South Africa and Morocco. GGM students have produced approximately 125 video features using traditional camera/sound, 85 mobile journalism pieces on iPod touch and 180 blog reports that found distribution through multi media platforms including web, television broadcast, cell phones, radio and social media and were seen by millions in the United States and Internationally. Most GGM students had never written a news story or blog, conducted an interview, held a camera, worked sound equipment, or shot and edited digital pieces on a digital device prior to participating in GGM’s Academies and News Bureaus. Approximately 80% had limited or no computer or intern experience. Living Lens has a track record of delivering successful projects to some of the most marginalised women worldwide. Our projects change perceptions and allow people to contribute, ‘People who don’t know us probably think we’re trouble makers and we go out stealing, but when they see the video… and think they’ve made that, they’ll probably look at us in a different light’. Christian was part of a group at risk of offending. Ch.4 broadcast a film on this project. Our projects increase participation and confidence. Sonia from focUS project: “ I used to get really nervous, but now it’s like I can say anything I like. I really appreciate that, being able to speak and being able to express my view, because before I didn’t like it… My teachers used to say, ‘We know you’ve got good ideas – just put your hand up!’..And now I can’t wait for Year 13 so I can say, ‘Now I’ve got a view!’ Our projects transform lives; a woman who’d been trafficked into forced prostitution took part in Fresh Start: ‘It boosted my trust, I had problem trusting people, this has changed my perspective.’

How do we deliver this?

We work with young women from marginalised, underrepresented and underserved communities. Our unique GlobalGirl Media Academies are designed to impart the technical, critical thinking and leadership skills necessary to be outstanding GlobalGirl journalists and reporters. The 10-day workshop is designed thematically around the main principles of good journalism, instilling the values of ethics, teaching thorough research methodologies and finding good sources. All of our classes develop creative and independent thinking, and provide participants with the tools they need to understand and accurately cover an increasingly diverse world. Our instruction is multifaceted and includes hands on field practice, guest lecturers, case studies, role-playing, small group work, group discussions, writing, and reflection. We prepare the next generation of female journalists to make quality media that matters. We foster confidence and self-esteem among participants so they can make a difference and contribute to change around the world. GlobalGirl Media News Bureaus will be set up immediately following the 10-day training. The GlobalGirl participants will be divided into teams who will then produce unique videos, blogs, new media and print content for digital upload and distribution on a wide range of topics. The Bureaus will operate in conjunction with local production partners and will continue to provide on-going support and development of GlobalGirl Reporters and distribution of their content to our website and global distribution partners.