Benita Matofska - Village Capital London 2011 Fellow

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About the project


Tipping Point £1,000
Program Participation £2,800
tipping point
In-kind donations range from drinks to office supplies. We even accept homemade cakes. See what else we need!
tipping point
25 hrs
In-kind donations range from drinks to office supplies. We even accept homemade cakes. See what else we need!

More about the project

What is the social/environmental problem/issue that this project will address?
The People Who Share addresses three interconnected issues: economic, environmental and social. We believe sharing is the solution to these global problems. By sharing resources and opportunities we can solve the economic crisis; by sharing responsibility, surplus and stuff we can solve the environmental crisis, by sharing knowledge, time, ideas and responsibility we can solve the social crisis.
Can you give us some statistics on this problem?
• By 2050, roughly three billion more people will be joining us on this planet so we need more efficient ways to use the earth's resources. • Globally, 1.4 billion people live in extreme poverty and one out of every five people don't have access to clean drinking water. • Every day 50,000 people die needlessly because they are denied the basic essentials to live yet over half the world's assets are owned by less than 2% of the population. • In our haste to consume, we’ve destroyed 1/3rd of the world’s natural resources. • 99% of what we buy is thrown out within 6 months.
What is your solution?
The People Who Share promotes sharing and produces products and services that make sharing easy; proving that sharing is cheap, green, social and fun. We help to redistribute surplus to those who need it, enable you to get maximum value from your assets, obtaining more of what you want, exactly when you want it, at less cost to yourselves and the planet. Sharing is a more efficient way to use the earth’s resources; you get superior products (because they’re designed to last); convenient service that is customized and timely, with the benefits of access but without the burden of ownership. Our business is both online and onland. Online, we are building a marketplace of sharing to aggregate the sharing sector, making it easier for people to share and converting online sharing into sharing in the community. Onland, our experiences and events such as Crowdshare, help build strong, sustainable communities through sharing and demonstrate that what we need is right on our doorstep. In our short start up lifetime (7 months), we have demonstrated the following impact: • Engaged 250 people in carnival of sharing (Crowdshare) at the Brighton Youth Centre (BYC), serves needs of low income families. People shared skills, time, talents, resources. 50 young people shared their skills and talents with local adults. • Event resulted in increased uptake of youth centre paid activities by 50%. • Our ‘Sharing Showcase’ promoted the local ‘sharing sector’. We introduced 250 people to services including car sharing, landshare, food share (project that feeds local homeless). Resulting in increased take up of sharing activities. • Media highlights: Guardian Social Enterprise Network, development, Channel 4 TV, The Argus, BBC Radio Oxford; BBC Radio Kent, Stroud FM; U.C. Radio (interviews with Benita Matofska, 10 Million Sharers); Business Zone Dan Martin’s One To Watch – Benita Matofska • Sharing Economy presentation & activities: UK Aware, Centre for Social Brilliance; The Finance Lab (WWF/ICAEW); Tasting the Future (WWF), Third Sector Digital Social Media Convention, Smart CSO’s Conference; NESTA , Big Society Network, Nexters, CityCamp Brighton, Convergence, Catalyst Club, UnLtd Future, UnLtd.
How will you deliver this?
Who is behind you and in your team? The WOW Agency & Alan Stewart: Technology Sharer -- The WOW Agency embedded within London Metropolitan University’s Faculty of Computing provides our technical expertise. Bertrand Beghin: Strategic & Financial Sharer -- Bertrand background in the financial services sector from being a Director at Deutsche Bank to an IT business analyst for Lehman Brothers provides our financial expertise. Sameera Khan: Legal & Community Sharer --Sameera Khan brings legal skills and event planning / management skills. Helen Kerr: Communications sharer – An expert in communications, photography, youth enterprise support, employability and promotions. Yvette Bordley: Digital Sharer -- Yvette brings digital skills including website management, SEO & social media expertise. Michael Green: Advice Sharer (advisor) -- Economist, a freelance journalist, author, former head of the communications department at the Department for International Development Michael served three Secretaries of State and oversaw £100 million annual funding to nonprofits. Ray Sheath: Devil’s Advocate Sharer (advisor) -- The principal of Social Investment International an association of independent intermediaries who broker funds from social investors to social businesses. Michelle Quest: Mentor – Michelle is a partner and Head of People at KPMG. Her career spans accounting, financial services, insurance, tax advisory, pensions, financial advisory and private equity. Investors & Sponsors: UnLtd (Level 1), UnLtd Future, Nexters (Big Society Network). Private supporters include: Edward Hoare and Mike Phillips. Partnerships & Relationships include: WOW Agency, FareShare, Big Society Network, Nexters, Innovation Lab, Finance Innovation Lab, Unltd Future, KPMG, WWF. We have relationships with the key businesses and organisations in the ‘sharing sector’.

Get involved

Here are some great ways to get involved with the project and help out. If you have...
  • 2 minutes
    Sign up to be one of 10 Million Sharers at
  • 5 minutes
    Email your friends and tell them about The People Who Share. Ask them to sign up to 10 Million Sharers
  • 15 minutes
    Sign up to our Facebook page, like us, follow us on Twitter @peoplewhoshare and tweet about #sharing.
  • 30 minutes
    Start a discussion about sharing on our forum at
  • A few hours
    Come along to our Crowdshare event on Sunday November 20th at the Brighton Youth Centre from 1pm. Sign up for your free ticket at If it’s too far for you to travel, look out for Crowdshare events coming to your area and enjoy a carnival of sharing.
  • Regular time commitment
    Help organise a Crowdshare; hold a sharing event at your workplace; help us develop our digital marketplace of sharing; help us promote sharing to the public. Email us if you want to get involved in this growing movement of sharers

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Steve919 24 March 2013 - 12:26

Great sharing, I want to know more about this project!


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Steve919 24 March 2013 - 12:26

Great sharing, I want to know more about this project!


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About the organisation

Vision and mission

Village Capital is an incubator program, started in 2010, which has been run in New Orleans, Boulder, Mumbai and San Francisco. It has been cited as "#1 Trend to Watch in 2010" on; featured in Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine and Beyond Profit. So far, the program has incubated 82 entrepreneurs selected from over 500 applications. The first European Village Capital, being launched by Hub Venture Labs, will be a twelve week program designed for entrepreneurs to accelerate their for profit social businesses. In workshops focused on fundraising, marketing and designing for impact the 10 participants will develop the core skills needed to attract investment and scale their businesses as well as receiving mentoring and coaching from our team of experienced advisors. At the heart of Village Capital lies the belief that entrepreneurs benefit from building peer networks for review and support. The program culminates in peers selecting two entrepreneurs that receive investment prizes of £50,000 each. The Village Capital London 2011 programme is supported by: SANGHATA GLOBAL Championing Innovations at the Frontier Sanghata Institute for Social Entrepreneurship and Investment is a non-profit organization that advances enterprise development and raises living standards for people in the low-income areas of the world. It does so by facilitating association between enterprising people, management talents and investors, and it follows through to champion and support selected initiatives with financial and technical assistance.

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