Gig Buddies – sound people

by Stay Up Late

About the project


Tipping Point £250
Gathering of the buddies £500
Our first gig £1,000
tipping point
In-kind donations range from drinks to office supplies. We even accept homemade cakes. See what else we need!
tipping point
25 hrs
In-kind donations range from drinks to office supplies. We even accept homemade cakes. See what else we need!

More about the project

What is the social/environmental problem/issue that this project will address?
We aim to prevent social isolation experienced by people with learning disabilities who are unable to access mainstream music events. We also aim to provide people with learning disabilities more choices around the kinds of activites that are available to them in the local community and the city.
Can you give us some statistics on this problem?
We have anecdotal evidence from a recent research study we conducted through Brighton University showing that people with learning disabilities don’t tend to access mainstream events due to a lack of knowledge of what’s on and that they need support around a variety of issues.
What is your solution?
Gig Buddies will match up people with learning disabilities with volunteer ‘buddies’ who love the same kind of music so they can enjoy nights out together, be part of their local community and widen their social networks. They will also be encouraged to become part of a community of Gig Buddies through regular meet-ups and social events to share experiences and dream up new ones. By Jan ’13 we will recruit, vet and train our first group of buddies. These buddies will also be supported and encouraged to become a community of buddies by attending regular meet-ups and social events as well as gigs. We will recruit people with learning disabilities by visiting day centres and advocacy organisations as well as publicising our project locally amongst support providers and disability organizations and at events that we run. We will recruit the buddies through an advertising campaign involving local venues, colleges/universities, promoters, local press and through our regular social media activities. Buddies will be matched and supported by a project worker who will be responsible for ongoing support and monitoring of the service. We’ll also be producing easy to read publicity to promote the scheme which will be designed in a way that promotes it as a ‘cool’ club to belong to.
How will you deliver this?
We will create a ‘volunteer service’ which will match people up through having an interest in the same kind of music and bands and provide training to develop a community of ‘buddies’. How we will spend the money - Recruiting vetting and training our first buddies. - Producing advertising and information materials to promote the scheme - Supporting the ‘buddies’ to attend their first gig. Not only do we think Gig Buddies will introduce more people with learning disabilities to live music, but it will also give them the opportunity to expand their social networks by meeting other people who have the same thing in common as them – a love of music.

Get involved

Here are some great ways to get involved with the project and help out. If you have...
  • 2 minutes
    You can ‘like’ our Facebook page and tell your mates about what we’re doing.
  • 5 minutes
    You could also start tweeting about us and help spread the word with people you know.
  • 15 minutes
    You could send an email or two to anyone you know who may be able to get us cheap or even free tickets for events happening in and around Brighton and Hove.
  • 30 minutes
    You could talk to staff at a local venue and find out how they could offer to support our work.
  • A few hours
    You could volunteer to help run one of our club night events where we’ll be promoting the scheme.
  • Regular time commitment
    You could become a Gig Buddy!

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Anna Horton 01 October 2012 - 14:28

I've emailed a friend who runs gigs in London and abroad and asked him to spread the word on your Gig Buddies project - hope he helps!!

Anna Horton 01 October 2012 - 14:18

This looks like a really great project. Good luck with your target!!

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About the organisation

Vision and mission

We aim to promote full and active social lives for people with learning disabilities. Stay Up Late was founded by members of the ‘inclusive’ punk band Heavy Load. They were fed up with seeing members of their audience leave at 9pm due to their support workers working inflexible support shifts. We believe that people with learning disabilities should be able to lead the lifestyle of their own choosing which may include going out late, socialising with your mates and listening to live music. Stay Up Late seeks to change things through education, campaigning and practical projects such as Gig Buddies. As Shakespeare might have said: "If music be the love of youth, play on; and give us access to it!"

Geographical coverage

Within a city/shire

Our track record

The birth of Stay Up Late was featured in the movie Heavy Load and from then we’ve taken our work around the UK and even NYC and Glastonbury Festival, spreading the word in our own distinctive way. Stay Up Late won the Support Action Net Award (Lemos and Crane) for our innovative approach to tackling a profound issue.

Who do we help?

People with learning disabilities.

How do we deliver this?

Through advocacy, campaigning, education, arranging club nights and volunteering opportunities.

Awards And Recognitions

SupportActionNet Award, Lemos and Crane 2008 City Camp Brighton winners 2012 Santander Award (for volunteer placements) 2009 and 2012