Our Social Purpose

The Difference We Seek to Make:

Our hope is that emerging social ventures will be able to generate public support for what they want to achieve, and that they will become better and more effective organisations by engaging with a crowd rather than simply working alone.

Learning and Dissemination

We support and contribute to the development of a body of knowledge exploring these issues:

  • - What will motivate people as donors and investors in social ventures – and in particular, what sorts of return or incentive will motivate individuals and the balance between the social objective and any personal return or gain to the supporter. How does matched funding play a role?
  • - How individual social ventures can best amass a crowd of supporters around them, and the potential of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to help them achieve this.
  • - The extent to which backers support individual ventures, or spread their backing across a range of ventures.
  • - The extent to which social ventures can turn small-scale initial support into longer term commitment and a greater involvement of their backers.
  • - The ways in which viral marketing can be developed, so that it is not just the social networks that the venture is linked to that can be mobilised, but the networks of people in these networks and more widely.
  • - Whether returned funds are taken back by the backer or recycled into further ventures.
  • - What differentiates crowdfunding for social ventures from traditional fundraising for charity, and how these factors can be developed to increase public support for social change.

We work with organisations like NESTA and other bodies to support their research into crowdfunding.