Our Supporters


We have an ever growing community of supporters, friends, ventures, visionaries, backers, fans and followers – and we’re grateful for the support of every single one of them!


‘FundIt.Buzz showcases some amazing projects and gives people the opportunity to make a difference with their money. But unlike other fundraising websites, you get something back as well as helping to create solutions and make things happen.’

Frederick Mulder, Chair, The Prairie Trust and Co-Founder of The Funding Network


‘I decided to invest in FundIt.Buzz, because it will support social entrepreneurs by providing them access to capital in a highly efficient way - through web based crowdfunding. Last but not least I have been impressed by the enthusiasm and professionalism of FundIt.Buzz's founders.’

Michael Kortenbusch, CEO, Business & Finance Consulting


‘I invested in this initiative because it gave me the opportunity to 'be the change', easily and effectively, with the obvious multiplier in that it will allow others to act in synchrony for a better world.’

Peter Yeo

Our Volunteers

We are very grateful for the support and help we have received since starting the project in March 2009. To our volunteers and pro bono consultants – a big big thank you!

Elizabeth Chatalas Benoit, Daniel Chick (Force10 Hosting), Viktoriya Dzyuba, Leah Holding, Farzaneh Hosseini, Ilyan Kovatchev, Oana Neumayer, Parth Patel, Gail Warrander

Our Ventures

At the heart of FundIt.Buzz are our ventures, projects and visionaries, their bright ideas and their world-changing initiatives:

‘I truly believe that ‘crowdfunding’ is going to change the way good causes are supported and I am very proud that my book is among the first of the projects to be promoted by FundIt.Buzz.’

Martin Simon, Timebanking
FundIt.Buzz Pioneering Venture


“It’s such an exciting way to raise money. We wanted to create an active community of backers who would not only feel invested in our work, but also be rewarded for their contribution.”

Eugenie Teasley, Founder, Spark+Mettle